What I am most thankful for

What I am most thankful for

Reminder to self: stop and give thanks.

I feel like Thanksgiving is a holiday to sit back and be thankful for all the good and bad that has happened throughout the year. Yes, the bad too because you learn from mistakes and for that you shall be thankful.

I never really dress up for Thanksgiving. The older I get, the more chill I dress for dinner with the family.

If you’re feeling like dressing down this year for thanksgiving, this is a great basic outfit. Black jeans, top and booties. The jeans are from Fashion Nova, I love how they look on! The top is from Free People and booties from Lola Shoetique. You can never go wrong with black, and booties scream out “fall” so they are a must. I threw on a little camo vest from American Apparel on to give the outfit some life. Simple and easy. I am going to try to show up this year with something other than a maxi dress on lol.

Back to giving thanks, I have never really given much thought on the subject. I think it’s just because of my culture, the Cubans just typical have a potluck and we eat, talk and dance some latin music after. But I  love the idea of everyone sitting down at dinner and saying what they are thankful for, it’s what Thanksgiving is all about. I definitely plan incorporating more of that into my customs as I get older and probably host a Thanksgiving dinner party one day.

Take a minute this year and just think back to everything that has happened till now and give thanks.

22 things I am thankful for:

1-Thankful for my family.

2-Thankful for good health.

3-Thankful for my dog.

4- Thankful for my job.

5-Thankful for everything I have learned in school.

6- Thankful for my friends.

7-Thankful for being able to have the opportunity to travel and study abroad.

8-Thankful for the mistakes I’ve made.

9-Thankful for Patio, always a great time.

10-Thankful for my blog supporters.

11-Thankful for those who support me in general.

12-Thankful for Netflix.

13-Thankful for kind strangers.

14- Thankful for heartbreaks.

15-Thankful for laughter.

16- Thankful for the internet.

17-Thankful for happiness.

18-Thankful for sadness.

19-Thankful for Ozuna, always gets me feeling good or in the feels when I sing his songs lol.

20-Thankful for the snooze button.

21-Thankful for food delivery (UberEats).

22-Thankful for being able to live another year to the fullest.

Happy Thanksgiving <3

Photog: @Wendzxplore | Location: Biscayne