Where and How To Party Underage

Hey babes,

Welcome back to Ask The Brunettes! This week’s question was a pretty fun one so the video is extra long, but very informational ! I promise (;  Marialys and I will be sharing how and where we would go out when we were underage, and where we typically go out now at 21. Hope this helps you guys who still have a long wait for the big TWO-ONE . Be patient, it’ll arrive sooner than you think.

Honestly from experience, we advice you girls to do things age appropriate, don’t rush things. You will have the opportunity to go everywhere at 21. If you rush and do it at 19… you won’t have much new things to experience when you come of age. Take it from us, we made that mistake.

Here is the question for this week’s Ask The Brunettes :


“Hey girls, I will be 19 in October and have never been to a club. I don’t know how they work so I was hoping you guys can give me some insight. Some questions that I have are: Do you just walkin or is there typically a line you have to wait in in order to get in? Do you have to pay to get into most clubs in Miami? Are clubs that are 21+ strict about entering if you are underage or can you just make your way in? I have heard good things about clubs like Space, E11even and L’Boulevard but would love you hear about places you guys recommend! Please answer any important questions I may have missed or any that you think I should know! Thanks girls.”

Check out our response below: