Why You Need To Cut Him Off

If it’s not making you happy.. cut it out from your life.

Some of us have been there. We can’t help who we fall for….then we get dragged around by them because we really like them and can’t seem to let go. But when you start realizing your self worth, you’ll come to realization and simply end things and move on. Yes, you will still feel heartbroken. It’s normal, we’re humans and we have feelings. But time does heal!

Here is the question for this week’s Ask The Brunettes :

“Hey girls,
This is kinda of a complicated story but I try to sum it up the best I can ?
I used to date this guy casually not for long. It was just 6 months on/off. He told me he wanted to date me seriously but his actions never matched his words. I ended it because you know feelings suck and I didn’t want to get more hurt. There were no hard feelings at that time. I realized we didn’t want the same things. We actually remained friends. Kept in touch here and there. Fast forward a year later and this same guy is hitting me up to hang out and stuff. I saw him because I missed having out with him as friend. I give him the benefit of the doubt. Anyway I know very dumb of me and things didn’t change. After I saw him I told him, I thought after all this time I thought we were done with our old habitats and he pointed the finger at me…saying “what did I expect?” I apologized told him I was sorry I thought things changed since we literally remained friends after all this time. I realize I should not apologize for knowing what I want. He should apologize to me . This guy manipulates me with this words and I fall for it every damn time. Before I decided to even see him… this was going on for 3 months. He was asking me almost every weekend or so to catch up and hangout saying “I want to see you its been forever” lets do something’” etc I said no no no until that day I decided to say yes finall…There was even a time I was out on a date and I told him I couldn’t talk at the moment. He called me 3 times and messaged me nonstop. I had to mute my phone. His actions never match his words. It’s so confusing. It sometimes feels like a cat and mouse game playing with eachother feelings. How do you get over someone who kinda used you? I know self love always but im so heartbroken.I liked this guy so much its insane. I am wrapped around his finger and I hate it!!! I ask myself how did I fall for someone like this?

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