Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming. Just kidding, I live in Miami… What is winter?
September 21st marks the first day of winter this year. I have a love and hate relationship with the cold. I love it because I don’t sweat and of course, my hair/makeup stays intact. And I hate it because I have to put a lot of layers of winter clothes on that I don’t have. I literally own about 2 long sleeves, but now make that 1 because I lost the other one. I have a few jackets but they are not meant for temperatures lower than 50 degrees. I literally freeze when a cold front enters Miami.
I could always buy winter clothes but ugh, takes too much space in my closet and it will only be worn like that one day of the year that it decides to be cold. Now, I have this fur coat to add to my limited collection. But lets be real, I can’t be walking around with this on like it’s all good lmao. I would look ridiculous. It has to be for a special occasion, and even then it’s too much for Miami. Don’t get me wrong though, I love fur and I wish I could wear it more often.
I love this look, I feel like it is perfect for any night occasion (minus the hat, though) . The shades are from Miami Shade, I love the lens. It can be worn on a sunny or cloudy day. The jeans are from Fashion Nova, heels are GoJane, coat and top are from Forever 21.
Shop the look below!

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Photog: @raydrizziee | Location: Miami Design District