Are you having trouble learning from Youtube videos?

Hey girls,

I have fallen behind with my videos, sadly. With the holidays around and trying to finish school, time became non-existent. But I am back(:

Do you have trouble learning how to do your makeup with Youtube tutorials? Is your makeup not coming out like the beauty gurus’ ?

You are not alone. It can be tricky and annoying because it is highly unlikely that your makeup is going to look like the one that the beauty guru is doing in the video. That doesn’t give you an excuse to give up, practice makes perfect. They all started like you, not knowing. This video below has some tips on how to get the most out of your Youtube makeup tutorial watching experience.

Here is the question for this week’s Ask The Brunettes :

“Hey girls. I really suck at doing makeup, do you guys think you can do a basic going out tutorial? Or tips and tricks to do good eyeshadow and what eyebrow brushes to use! I really wanna start looking better when I go out but looking at YouTube tutorials seem complicated, and I never know if I’m doing it right lol. If you can make it simple to follow that’ll be great!”

Check out our response below:

For some easy tutorials you can check out our Youtube Channel. (I admit, they are a little outdated)


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